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The Necessity of Emotion-Driven Storytelling

How to build emotional connections to drive long-lasting brand loyalty

"It is no longer enough to create; companies are increasingly expected to relate." - Deloitte, 2019

Businesses used to drive their decision-making from the question, “How can we sell more?”. Today’s relationship with consumers demands that any successful organization must shift their narrative to, “How can we support our customers?” One area of customer impact is often, and critically, forgotten: emotional pull. Today, a business must understand a customer’s emotional needs and respond thoughtfully and contextually.

At PUBLiSH, we are proponents of storytelling and its importance to the human experience. Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest community-building tools. We’ve seen how effective it is to both create and build on connections by integrating stories that create emotional responses. Stories combine narratives and facts for shareable information that is more likely to be absorbed. This is why ideas-led narrative campaigns that wrap throughout multiple touch-points are so important and effective. We know that creatively designing the messaging you want to share will tell your story in a way that connects most authentically to your audiences.

For a few years now, Deloitte Digital has been gathering data on how businesses can turn brands into bonds, examining the rational and emotional factors that drive customer loyalty. Their resulting reports underscore what we at PUBLiSH already believed: “Feelings don’t show up on your company’s balance sheet. But they’re all over the top lines – whether they are being measured or not.” (Deloitte, 2020)

More than ever before, businesses must relate and connect on a human level, acknowledging their customers as unique individuals with values, beliefs, and emotions. To achieve this with our partners, we develop narratives, present key information, and create lasting impressions through a symphony of exposure initiatives on a variety of platforms. Emotion-driven storytelling creates memorable and meaningful interactions between your brand and your customer.

Whether it’s applied to thought leadership, video narratives, placements on social media, or any other medium, all campaigns benefit from emotion-driven storytelling. If you’re seeking ways to define a compelling narrative and then propel those stories throughout all your consumer touch-points, reach out for a consultation.

At PUBLiSH, we begin by nurturing curiosity so we can design the story you want to tell and share that story as widely as possible.


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