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How IG's Flipside Can Benefit Your Brand

Instagram recently introduced Flipside, a place where you can share candid and personal photos to a selected group of “friends.” Think Close Friends, but the images and videos that are shared now have a permanent home on a private feed.


How can this help my brand?

Flipside naturally lends itself to personal Instagram pages as a response to the ever-increasing user demand for private spaces on social media. For brands, it's a powerful tool for community building.

Here’s how your brand can leverage Flipside:

Behind the scenes access: Grant your most engaged users access to your Flipside profile and offer them an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business. Show them how your office works, an inside look at a team meeting, and what your brand is currently working on.


Product feedback hub: Use Flipside as a beta testing group by inviting a select group of customers to provide feedback on new or current products. Engage with this dedicated community to refine and improve your offerings, ensuring they resonate with your target audience.


Exclusive rewards and benefits: Capitalize on the private space of Flipside to reward your top customers with exclusive discounts, host giveaways, or provide access to special freebies. This personalized approach acknowledges and appreciates their loyalty, reinforcing brand affinity. 

Internal team page: Add your whole team to Flipside and use it to show fun photos and videos from team events. Since your team likely uses Instagram personally, it's a win-win: make it easy for your team to access and engage with company content, and streamline communication for your social media manager. This initiative is an excellent tool to enhance company culture and promote connectivity across in-person, remote, or hybrid teams.


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