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Since experiencing significant disruptions in the recent past, we at PUBLiSH have dedicated ourselves to learning from challenges in order to help businesses navigate strategically and adapt to new realities. A forward-focused approach in business emphasizes proactive planning, innovation, and adaptability to stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success. It involves setting strategic goals, anticipating future trends, and actively seeking opportunities for growth.


Consumer Behaviour

How has the pandemic, and our lockdown life, affected the way we behave and consume information?

Brand Activity

How are brands creating meaningful messages and adding value to consumers?


What can we learn from other countries, communities, cultures?


Consumers expect and believe brands should help them in their daily lives. PUBLiSH helps you present your brand in an engaging and meaningful way.





Max is a creative spirit and a cultural anthropologist on a mission to craft your brand or project's story with meaning and shape it through enriching experiences.

Over the past fifteen years, Max has designed and executed campaigns and exposure programs for some of the world's largest brands, with a strong focus on the Canadian real estate industry.


Before founding PUBLiSH, Max worked with global brands and designed campaigns that attracted celebrities and international press for TED, Puma, Red Bull, UK Trade and Investment, Aston Martin, The Plaza Hotel, and Max Mara. She has facilitated high-profile press conferences attended by Prime Ministers, dignitaries—even the late Queen of England (yes, really!), and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

At PUBLiSH, she leads an international team of master communicators who draw inspiration from culture and data analytics to support businesses in their growth and evolution.


VP of Strategy & Brand

With over 15 years of experience in brand positioning, marketing, and trend research, Bianca is an innovative brand strategist committed to helping clients forge distinct identities and hone their competitive differentiators. Her experience spans fledgling startups to tech unicorns, navigating through diverse sectors such as wellness, real estate, people & culture, and SaaS. Armed with an entrepreneurial mindset and a dedication to creative thinking, she crafts strategies that not only help our clients rise above the competition but also position them as industry leaders.

Bianca 2.jpg

From strategy to management, Feli works with our clients and their businesses to create social engagement, trust, and brand awareness. Her skills as a writer, photographer, and design consultant support organically-grown communities and drive sales. She is results-focused and a passionate storyteller.


Business Director

Allie is a results-driven professional with a people-centric approach to business. Over the course of her career, she has excelled in real estate project management, specializing in sales and marketing. Her expertise spans across strategy development, client relations, branding, event & experiential planning, digital media campaigns, email marketing, and visual production. Allie's solution-oriented and collaborative mindset makes her a standout leader in managing intricate cross-functional teams.

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Social Media Manager

A problem solver and skilled communicator, Mathilda is an energetic multidisciplinary marketer with a background in corporate communications, client relations, content creation, and social analytics. With a finger on the pulse of social media trends and user behavior, paired with her commitment to helping people and businesses cut through the noise through innovative concepts and campaigns, Mathilda stands as a driving force within our digital marketing team.

Rowan Portrait.JPG


Director of Digital Advertising

As Director of Digital Advertising, Rowan channels over a decade of industry expertise to elevate our clients' online performance, ensuring optimal utilization of ad budgets and delivering consistently positive outcomes. Specializing in every facet of digital campaigns, from auditing and building to designing, optimizing, and analyzing, Rowan brings a holistic approach to digital advertising, driving tangible results and contributing to our clients' successes.


Media Relations Manager

Margot is a Media Relations Manager with expertise in strategic communication and public relations. Skilled in securing media coverage, she carefully selects media outlets that align with her clients’ objectives, ensuring that the brand messages resonate with the intended audience. Margot excels in building strong relationships with the media and communicating a brand's story. With an acute sense of real estate industry trends, Margot delivers effective messaging for enhanced brand reputation and growth.


From strategy to management, Feli works with our clients and their businesses to create social engagement, trust, and brand awareness. Her skills as a writer, photographer, and design consultant support organically-grown communities and drive sales. She is results-focused and a passionate storyteller.


Communications Specialist

Carla joins our ideas-led team with a comprehensive career background that includes extensive editorial and marketing experience. She has received recognition for her excellence in converging copywriting and is a valued team member who draws from her experience crafting impactful, and results-focused content for local, regional, national, and global audiences.

Carla 2.jpg

Amanda Haines Lazeski

Director of Communications

Amanda is a creative communications powerhouse with a passion for data-driven results. Equal parts curious and ambitious, Amanda’s dynamic approach to public relations has garnered major exposure for iconic brands including Gap, Vespa, Papyrus, Hudson’s Bay Company and De Beers.

Amanda’s expertise includes media and influencer relations, social media, and event production, with deep roots in hospitality, design and consumer marketing. Her 15+ year career has taken her both client- and agency-side, including the launch of her own award-winning PR firm, which she ran for 10 years before it was acquired in 2020. A self-described media addict, Amanda combines her passion for content with a commitment to building strong relationships to create success for every client in her care and we are proud to have her join PUBLiSH as our Director of Communications.


Kerry Hittinger

Communications Director, Hospitality

With a notable track record spanning over 25 years in strategic communications planning and executing complex, cross-national media relations campaigns for some of the world’s leading hospitality brands, including Accor (Fairmont Hotels and Resorts), Kerry brings invaluable international hospitality experience to the PUBLiSH team.



Design Director

Haydex is a highly accomplished creative professional boasting 15+ years of expertise in content design and production across diverse mediums. With a track record of serving global industry giants, he embodies collaboration, innovation, and meticulousness. Haydex offers comprehensive design solutions, encompassing brand identity, web design, and digital media, elevating brands to their full potential.

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