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Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, life has been disrupted in many ways. Our team is dedicated to learning from these disruptions to help you and your business navigate strategically and adapt to this new reality.   


As we continue to cope with change and trauma from isolating experiences, all of us at PUBLiSH are actively learning how to ‘Embrace the New’ as opposed to looking to the past. Now is the time people are re-engaging with their creative minds and reaching new levels of productivity. Now is where we can tap into new hope and regeneration. The lockdown has given us a fresh perspective. It has made us consider, what really matters? What holds true value in our consumer lifestyle?


Our team takes a global approach to understanding these three pillars: modern consumer behaviour, brand activity, and a commitment to nurturing our curiosity and learning lessons from the past. 



Consumer Behaviour

How has the pandemic, and our lockdown life, affected the way we behave and consume information?


Brand Activity

How are brands creating meaningful messages and adding value to consumers?



What can we learn from other countries, communities, cultures?


Consumers expect and believe brands should help them in their daily lives. PUBLiSH helps you present your brand in an engaging and meaningful way.





Max is a creative spirit and a cultural anthropologist. Her mission is to build your brand or projects story and have it be rooted in meaning and directed by experience. 

Over the past fifteen years, Max has designed and orchestrated campaigns and exposure programs for some of the largest brands in the world with a strong focus on the Canadian real estate industry. 


Prior to launching PUBLiSH, Max produced global conferences and events that attracted celebrities and international press for TED, Puma, RedBull, Aston Martin, The Plaza Hotel and Max Mara. She's facilitated National interest press conferences attended by Prime Ministers and dignitaries, the Queen of England (yes, really!), and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 


At PUBLiSH, she leads an international team of master communicators who are inspired by using culture and data analytics to support businesses in their growth and evolution. 


Digital Marketing Director 

Bianca is an experienced digital strategist who has been creating branded content, leading marketing teams, and propelling business growth for over 15 years. Her clients have ranged from tech startups to brands in the wellness, luxury, real estate, and financial sectors. Her entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to innovation allow her to design strategies that break through the noise and help clients stand out in their industries.

Bianca 2.jpg

From strategy to management, Feli works with our clients and their businesses to create social engagement, trust, and brand awareness. Her skills as a writer, photographer, and design consultant support organically-grown communities and drive sales. She is results-focused and a passionate storyteller.


Digital Ad Manager

As a digital marketing manager, Rowan puts his 9 years of experience to good use, supporting our clients to improve their online performance, make better use of their ad budget, and generally moving the needle in the right direction.

He is specialized in auditing, building, pitching, designing, optimising, analyzing and reporting on a ton of varying digital campaigns.

Rowan Portrait.JPG


Social Media Manager

A people person with a can-do attitude, Mathilda is an energetic multidisciplinary marketer with a background in social analytics, corporate communications, content creation and influencer marketing. Her rich understanding of digital consumer behaviour and commitment to helping people and businesses reach their full potential through impactful storytelling on social media make her an integral part of our team.

Carla 2.jpg


Converging Copywriter

Carla joins our global freelance community and combines original thinking, strategic excellence and seamless delivery of complex converging copy writing to produce impactful content.


She draws from her comprehensive career background crafting results focused content for global brands and audiences, working with the clients at PUBLiSH to push the boundaries of storytelling.


Chief Inspiration Officer / Head of Operations

Warren joins PUBLiSH, with a background specializing in global brand partnerships and procurements. His deep understanding of sponsorship, partnerships, and collaborations is a huge asset to the team. Furthermore, Warren strives to create a culture that is supportive, healthy and active. At PUBLiSH he works behind the scenes to ensure the team is set-up for success and a ton of fun. 



Communications Associate

With a love of writing and a passion for sharing brands’ stories, Margot joins the PUBLiSH team as a storytelling master. 

Whether engaging with news publications, writing a blog post, or compiling an industry report - Margot always keeps clients’ goals and objectives at the forefront of her mind.

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