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Elevating Bosa Properties' Annual AGM with Unforgettable Experiences

Bosa Properties AGM exemplified how our creative approach, attention to detail, and dedication can transform corporate gatherings into unforgettable celebrations of success and unity.  


Over the past two years, PUBLiSH has had the privilege of partnering with Bosa Properties' to curate an AGM experience that is truly unparalleled. Imagine a full-day conference, where four hundred of Bosa Properties internal staff are immersed in a world of Bosa’s new brand vision and a future-forward outlook. 

Comprehensive Event Production Expertise

At the core of this unforgettable journey was PUBLiSH's comprehensive event production expertise. From the awe-inspiring stage production to the meticulously crafted event design, we ensured an experience that left attendees breathless from the moment they walked in.


Engaging Experiential Activations and Wayfinding

We thrive on keeping guests engaged and delighted. Our experiential activations and wayfinding installations made a profound impact, guiding attendees through the event with captivating displays that left lasting impressions. Seamless navigation and unbridled excitement were the hallmarks of our approach.


Memorable Entertainment

PUBLiSH loves to sprinkle stardust, and the entertainment at Bosa Properties' AGM was nothing short of spectacular! The memorable performance at the closing party ignited excitement and fostered genuine connections among all attendees.


Exciting Food and Beverage Programming

We believe food is an art form, and we treat it with the utmost care and creativity. The exceptional team at the Vancouver Convention Centre designed an enticing food and beverage program that celebrated local flavours, taking guests on a delightful culinary adventure. A feast for the senses that left everyone satiated and eager for more.


The Result: Pride and Celebration

The outcome was truly memorable. Attendees felt an overwhelming sense of pride in being part of the Bosa Properties family. As the AGM concluded with a spectacular closing party, a spirit of celebration permeated the atmosphere, forging lasting connections among all attendees.


The Journey Continues...

This AGM exemplified how PUBLiSH's creative approach, attention to detail, and dedication to our clients needs can transform corporate gatherings into unforgettable celebrations of success and unity. Our passion for event perfection, propels us forward, always raising the bar to create remarkable experiences for our clients.


With PUBLiSH, every gathering becomes an extraordinary celebration of your unique vision and success.

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