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Driving Media Relations for Beedie Living's Fraser Mills Masterplan Community

At PUBLiSH, we thrive on transforming projects into captivating stories that resonate with the media and the public. Leading the Media Relations for Beedie’s visionary masterplan community, Fraser Mills, exemplifies our commitment to crafting unforgettable narratives that propel awareness and project success.

Media Outreach Proficiency

Understanding the competitive landscape, PUBLiSH extensively researched Beedie Living's Fraser Mills project, including its background, goals, target audience, and unique selling features. We then curated a Canada wide media list with contact information for journalists, editors, and influencers in real estate and urban development, categorizing them by reach and relevance. Customized outreach strategies were developed for each outlet, followed by personalized pitches emphasizing how the Fraser Mills project aligns with their readership and its broader industry contributions. Our success lies in collaboration. We partnered seamlessly with the Beedie Living team to ensure messaging and goals were aligned and a cohesive narrative across all media opportunities was delivered. We don't just secure media coverage; we craft narratives that captivate.


Unrivaled Mastery in Media Affiliations

With PUBLiSH leading Beedie Living's Fraser Mills media relations, we leveraged our exceptional narrative-building skills to secure over 15 articles in various media outlets in the span of six weeks that included RENX, Daily Hive, Western Investor, and many more. This strategic finesse allowed us to illuminate the project's avant-garde blueprint and community-centered philosophy, ensuring that each narrative resonated with authenticity. Our profound understanding of both the venture and the media landscape enabled us to craft compelling stories that showcased the project's innovative design and community-forward approach, resulting in extensive media coverage and widespread recognition.


The Results

Through our media relations efforts, Beedie Living's Fraser Mills project garnered extensive exposure and recognition. The coverage spanned a range of platforms, from respected industry publications to popular local news outlets, securing over 15 articles that highlighted the project's remarkable achievements and impact. Notably, the project also graced the cover of Western Investor, a well-regarded real estate magazine with a readership of over 100,000 individuals, and was awarded 2023 Project of the Year. This extensive coverage not only garnered media attention but also instilled a deep sense of pride among stakeholders as the Fraser Mills project gained well-deserved recognition.


Continuing the Journey...

Our success with Beedie Living's Fraser Mills project highlights PUBLiSH's ability to transform media relations into a celebration of vision and achievement. Our dedication to crafting compelling narratives, combined with our strategic approach, ensures that each project we undertake becomes a remarkable story worth sharing.


With PUBLiSH, your project's media coverage becomes an extraordinary celebration of its uniqueness and success.

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