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Charting New Territories: How We Supported Baker's Brand Positioning into Western Canada as BakerWest

When Baker, a prominent real estate sales and marketing company in Ontario, decided to solidify its foothold in Western Canada, it became clear that their brand needed to resonate with the new Western market.

To support their new West Coast entity (BakerWest) PUBLiSH directed their team through our Strategic Brand Positioning process that led to an elevated brand story that reflected both the company’s earned reputation and history, while crafting a new, evolved, brand identity that aligned wih BakerWest’s Vancouver headquarters.


Recognizing the importance of internal stakeholder buy-in—and to ensure we captured the full story behind the brand evolution—we facilitated a stakeholder session with BakerWest’s leadership division. This allowed us to get a general pulse and perspective from the group as a whole. To ensure no opinions or insights were left out, we then followed up with individual interview sessions with the company’s leadership over Zoom. 


After gathering these insights and anecdotes, we synthesized our findings to uncover key themes and alignments among key stakeholders. We then used this information to craft a brand narrative presentation that included a mission statement, brand promise, core values, voice and tone guide, and three versions of the brand narrative: long-form (1,000 words), short-form (500 words), and a two-sentence soundbite. 


By ensuring a thorough and inclusive process, BakerWest not only solidified its brand story but also ensured it was well-received both internally and externally. The reimagined narrative now stands as a testament to BakerWest's commitment to understanding and serving the Western Canadian market.

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