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Narrative Imagining

At PUBLiSH, we orchestrate narrative imagination campaigns with a focus on digital media, which includes social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), streaming services (Spotify, Clubhouse), influencer marketing, blogs, podcasts, and other web-based channels.

"Narrative imagining—story—is the fundamental instrument of thought," Mark Turner wrote in The Literary Mind. "Rational capacities depend upon it. It is our chief means of looking into the future, of predicting, of planning, and of explaining. It is a literary capacity indispensable to human cognition generally."

As proponents of thoughtfully-crafted narratives, our campaigns are deeply rooted in creative storytelling, designed to integrate brand story with product or project story, and analytics to support drive business growth. With PUBLiSH as your partner, our ideas-led exposure team becomes YOUR team of brand stewards, supporting you as ambassadors to crystallize your core story and integrate it into your sales and marketing program.

The media landscape is constantly changing, and it has changed more in the last year than in past years combined. We are seeing traditional media outlets make major shifts and online news sites step up their content in a major way, with Barstool Sports being a prime example.

The digital media company, which produces content heavily focused on sports and pop-culture, started out as a newspaper and has evolved into one of the largest digital media companies in the world. From the expansion of their podcast lineup and video content, they push out quality content in every format imaginable.

“There is a need to look forward and better understand where people are choosing to consume information and how they want to experience moments because it’s changing so quickly," says Max Jakubke, founder of PUBLiSH Partners. "Our team is committed to understanding how different demographics are consuming information in a digital world, understanding the data and creating solutions on how we can expose your brand to your target audience through strategic storytelling.”

Based on our findings from Statista, all generations are consuming a considerable amount of information through new and digital media. Even Baby Boomers, who tend to enjoy traditional media formats, consume 28% of their news through social media and online.

Rethink your storytelling

Who are you trying to reach? How do they want to be talked to? What emotions do you want your brand to ignite? What part of your story do people actually remember? What part of your narrative needs reimagining? These are just a handful of questions we'll hash out with you in our ideas-led consultation, ensuring your business is artfully exposed and leaves a lasting impression on the people who matter.


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