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5 Powerful Ways to Positively Influence Others

How to use influence for good

“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority” - Kenneth Blanchard, Author

Influence is the ability to modify a person's behaviour and is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Knowing how and when to cultivate influence offers an opportunity to positively impact people, persuade them and gain their support. Influence is about centering the humanity of others and the power you have on those who choose to follow you.

So, how does one influence others positively?

Read on for 5 powerful tips.

1. Be authentic

Authenticity and influence go hand in hand - honouring what makes you unique helps you stand out in otherwise crowded markets. Authenticity also forges genuine and lasting connections as people instinctively respect those whose public personas mirror their private values. Familiarity increases liking, especially when it’s raw, real and honest.

2. Uplift and inspire

Be committed to uplifting and inspiring others to help them reach their desired destination. An easy way to do this is by sharing personal stories, engaging with and sharing content within your network, and celebrating diversity and inclusion. The most powerful influencers know they can make life better for others and do their part to break down barriers and inspire their following to reach personal goals.

3. Educate

Knowledge is power but shared knowledge is more powerful. Many influencers are followed on social platforms because in their own way, they teach something. The digital era means that information is easily accessible and shared. Use your personal experience to teach and positively impact others by giving them a clear path to reach their goals from where they are currently. Shared content should be credible, uplifting and avoid untrue information as your audience may be impressionable.

4. Lead by example

Ultimately you influence others by the actions you take so it’s important to lead by example. Have you ever watched someone talented perform their craft? It’s incredible and oftentimes leaves audiences in awe. Watching others thrive and celebrate accomplishments encourages us to do the same.

5. Stick to your lane of expertise

To positively influence others, operate from your sphere of expertise. It’s no longer necessary to be a jack of all trades. In fact, focusing on what you do know and are qualified to do makes you appear more credible to your audience. Most appreciate brands or influencers who have a specific niche or gift they communicate well over those who have several niches communicated with mediocrity.

Influencing others starts with understanding yourself and the weight your actions carry. How do you use your influence for good?

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