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PUBLiSH Services Offering

PUBLiSH is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in building and elevating brands, beginning with a strong core narrative. From crafting captivating copy and building engaging social media strategies, to designing scroll-stopping visuals and producing immersive events, our team thrives on bringing your brand vision to life. 


We're revolutionizing creativity on a grander scale, uniting unmatched talent, resources, and expertise to deliver a seamless fusion of communication, experiential, commerce, and data-driven solutions for our clients.


We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client and aim to provide integrated marketing solutions that drive business growth and brand affinity.



We seek to do the unexpected, and to provide completely original and profound ideas for the most pressing business challenges. Our goal is to impact the way people live, work, and ultimately imagine the world. Our ideas and approaches are wise, compassionate, and rooted in diverse experiences. Everything we do is high concept, high touch. 

  • We nurture curiosity and design the stories you want to tell

  • We create a symphony of exposure through a variety of platforms and initiatives

  • We seek to understand your target markets' wants and needs, and are here to support you in presenting to them in an engaging and meaningful way. 

  • We explore the results and define the impact 



We strive to attract customers online, then direct them to real world experiences and spaces where they can experience brands immersively. 


O2O—online to offline—is an ecommerce model that combines offline business opportunities with the internet. It’s the integration between ecommerce and physical spaces. After an initial online touchpoint, browsers are invited to experience brand services and/or products in a tangible way.

  • We help clients achieve strong retail/offline sales and brand growth through creative O2O marketing campaigns

  • We believe the in-store and presentation centre experience should be an extension of the online experience

  • We emphasize high-quality services, optimizing in-store user experiences, and leveraging customer interest


Increase to web browsing when compared to 2019 levels.



Social media campaigns are the rocket fuel of your marketing efforts: a concentrated burst of energy that pays off in a major boost to your brand reputation, awareness, or sales. To put it simply—we stop scrollers in their tracks.

Our social media campaigns are a series of coordinated activities aimed at achieving your specific goals over a set period of time, with outcomes that we track, measure, and report on.

  • We develop creative strategies that capture attention and help your audience experience your brand in an impactful way

  • We identify the audience, define goals, and create social solutions

  • We curate, create, and execute content across social platforms 

  • We focus on effective content that drives engagement and converts

  • We track analytics so you can focus on growing your business



We are your trusted partner when it comes to providing innovative, powerful online strategies for your business, especially when it comes to paid digital advertising.


Our digital advertising services market and advertise your business online, leveraging mediums such as search, social, and paid channels. 

  • We design services to support your business success in search engine optimization (SEO), increasing your visibility in search results 

  • We understand the impact of paid social media as a powerful advertising tool. Our creative approach allows us to serve relevant information to social media users based on our deep understanding of all social platforms 

  • We leverage web-based paid channels to PUBLiSH your message, including display ads, Google AdWords, remarketing, and more.




We orchestrate exposure campaigns with a focus on digital and new media—media websites, blogs, podcasts, streaming services —rooted in creative storytelling that are designed to deliver results and drive business growth.


Narrative imagining (story) is the fundamental instrument of thought. Our ideas-led exposure team becomes your own team of brand stewards, supporting as ambassadors to crystalize your core messages in targeted sources.

  • We are proponents of storytelling and its importance to the human experience 

  • We are backed by experience and award-winning talent

  • We develop narratives, present key information, and create lasting impressions through traditional and online media 

  • We artfully expose and elevate your product, business, and messages through ideas-led narrative campaigns


2021 consumers expect and believe that brands should help them in their daily lives.



Brand experiences are experiential marketing initiatives that incorporate ideas-led conditions that influence customer feelings around particular products and companies. 


By enhancing various customer touch points, we cultivate atmospheres of goodwill, dependability, and trust. These experiences create powerful associations between the brand and specific customer needs or emotions.

  • We create memorable and meaningful sensory experiences 

  • We work our magic in the physical and digital world 

  • We coordinate a wide range of activities and activations, including experiential stunts, corporate events, in-store and online customer interactions 

  • We design experiences that directly increase brand affinity



Tell a story that captures your brand. Video is the fastest growing media type in today’s digital landscape. By connecting with a wider audience and strengthening relationships that already exist, it’s added value for your business. Investing in high-quality video that reflects your brand is one of the fastest ways to capture attention and form a lasting connection with your customers. 

  • We’ll kick off with an ideas-led consultation with your team to understand the value of your brand and how YOU want to tell your story. 

  • From writing scripts to hiring videographers, we’ll manage every detail of production while keeping you in the loop. We’ll also send you sample designs and script copy before recording. 

  • Once filming and editing wrap up, we’ll send you a rough draft for approval before sharing your video with the world. You’ll be able to make as many revisions as you like! 

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